How To Transition Your Baby From A Swing To A Crib?

When the new bundle o joy arrives, it can be a magical journey. But along with the new discovery and learning, comes the sleepless nights. Ask any mother and they can definitely recall their sleepless zombie nights.

Today, technology has improved to a great extent and there are a number of gadgets to make parenting easier and smoother. One such great invention is the baby swing. A new born requires warmth and constant motion to fall asleep and stay that way, at least for a few hours. If they are not asleep, they are crying and keeping the parents on their toes.

It is essential to buy a baby swing, as it can be a great savior. With this swing, you can be rest assured that your baby will sleep well and continuously, without you having to carry them around or drive around with them for the motion.

Getting a newborn used to one of these swings is not a difficult task. However, when they do out grow the swing, they have to be shifted to a crib. This transition period can be tricky and exhausting.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

Cut The Motion

One of the first steps to do is to stop the motion of the swing. Stopping the motion abruptly will only disturb the baby. Wear her off slowly. You can wait till she is fast asleep and turn off the motion. Slowly decrease the time she is in the swing with the motion. Let her learn to sleep without the motion.


If the swing and the crib are in different rooms, move the swing to the same room as the crib. This will give her time to get accustomed to her surroundings and may be easier on her when the transition is made.


The swings can be cozy and warm while the cribs are bigger, spacious and open. Swaddle your baby well; to give her the warmth and comfort she is used to.

All babies react differently. If yours takes more time or resists, take baby steps and ease the child into the new sleeping conditions.