Office Fashion: Stylish Tips For A Business Man

A businessman has a lot more up his sleeve than just negotiating skills and the way he closes deals. He has a style to maintain, if he wants people to take him seriously and respect him fully.

Here are a few fashion tips one can follow to ensure they are successful even on the fashion front.


When you choose an outfit, ensure they are well coordinated and are in vogue. Never choose something just because the sales person says it is the trend. See if it looks good to your eyes and good on you. Only if you are satisfied should you go for it.


One can never go wrong with sober shades when to comes to formal wear. A white or a beige shirt can always make you look stylish and smart instantly. While going in for pastels, ensure you have a few dark shades like blacks and dark grays too. These are some of the best shades for a suit as it can suit anyone.


Ensure the designs on your shirts or blazer are not too clashing. They need to be subtle and classy. If you are going in for checks, you cannot mix it with stripes. The other piece has to be plain to highlight the checks. The same is the case with stripes.

Wear It Right

When you wear your formal wear, ensure they are well pressed and free of any wrinkles. Nothing spells disaster like crumpled clothes to work.


Choose a good belt, watch and wallet to carry.  These make you look stylish instantly. The belt needs to fit well in the loop. It cannot be too thin or thick; it has to be just right, to make you looks well dressed.


Ensure your shoes are well polished and free of any wear and tear marks. Shoes get scuffed easily, polish over them to cover them up well.