Who is buying sex toys?

Society generally perceives women as the shy gender and males are supposed to be the brave and stronger gender. But you will be surprised to know that many sex toy shops have reported a high traffic of women shoppers. In fact, they come in groups, discuss among themselves about the merits and demerits of various devices available in the shops and then decide to buy a device.

The frankness and free discussions between women make them buy these devices without much embarrassment. On the other hand, men generally are caught up in this macho image. They do not discuss their sexual issues and fantasies with other men. Somewhere these facets make them feel inadequate. In fact, most of them feel shy to discuss their desires and ideas with their sexual partners too.

In the last five years or so these taboos are changing. Now more and more online megastores are selling the sexual pleasure enhancing toys openly. The inhibitions are slowly giving way to openness. People of all genders and age group are slowly opening about trying these new toys to enhance pleasure and to bring novelty in their relationships.

You can read online more about Love plugs, and anal hooks and try to use them once and see if these are meant for you. You must always ensure that you follow all the instructions on use, cleaning and maintenance to ensure safe use for mutual pleasure.

Do not get into the details of societal acceptance. But scientific research is important. The findings are kind of mixed. Many relationships have failed due to the insistence of one partner to use such toys of pleasure, while the other partner did not want to participate. So do not ask or command the partner to submit to your demands. Instead, speak to your partner about your needs and desires. If you both can open about these topics and talk to each other freely, then you can go online and find the best device that you would both like to try together.