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  • Check Out Healthy Dog Food For Your Pet

    Raising a pet has more responsibilities than you think. Pets are not just about companionship, loyalty and fun. Dogs bring along with them jobs like checking out healthy dog food, working out their likes and dislike, to figure out if any allergies and much more.

    Each dog is different and their nutritional requirements also differ. How much food to give? And how often and the number of calories required by each dog may vary according to their age, size level of activity etc.

    But a dog’s individual preferences, their likes and dislikes and ruling out possibility of any allergies finally decide what is the best healthy dog food option for each dog.

    What are the healthy dog food options?

    Like humans, dogs also can thrive on a variety of foods like meat, fish vegetables, grains etc. Unless your pet is a fussy eater or allergic to certain foods, you can introduce them to various choices in meals which can include simple home cooked meals, branded ready meals, nutritional supplements and occasional treats.

    While considering replacing your dog meal, care must be taken not to make it a sudden change. You can gradually at 25% new food to 75% old ones and progress slowly. Unless your dog is really disturbed with the old food, the change should not be a rapid one.

    How does one know if the dog is doing well?

    If a dog is healthy, they will show signs of it like following

    • The dog looks good and has a healthy shiny coat
    • Has a regular level of activity
    • Has firm stools
    • Eats their meals completely

    A healthy dog is a happy dog.

    How does one work out quantities?

    Usually packets of branded food have an approximate quantity and calorie chart for dog on them. You can get a personalized diet chart that includes the exact quantity and calorie intake best for your dog. Visit your vet, who will be able to tell you exactly how much food your dog needs and how often he needs it.

    You vet will also be able to advice about the beat healthy dog food choices that suit your dog the best too. Or you can also visit my blog for more details on it.