For men, one of the biggest status symbols is having a good collection of high brand luxury watches. It is men’s way of announcing that they have arrived.

Every luxury watch collector starts at some point, and grows slowly. The key is to not rush into purchases simply because it is a big brand, or it is available for cheap or even if looks good.

A good luxury watches collector knows his watches inside out before getting into the purchase part of it.

If you are a beginner about to start a luxury watch collection we have a few tips for you.

Know your brands:

You may have heard of many brands and names in the world of watches. Now these names have an unwritten level of luxury. This is not with regard to a particular piece but the brands themselves. They are divided into base level luxury brands, mid level and finally top level names. Know these levels before you actually make a purchase.

Be aware of the different kinds of watches

Watches must not be bought simply based on their brands or looks. Their settings also need to be such that they suit your style. Watches can be automatic, mechanical, manual, quartz and others. Know what you are getting into, else you would end up with a watch that is expensive but inconvenient to use.

Never ever buy fakes

In case a top level brand is beyond your budget, it is perfectly fine to buy a brand in your budget, or even buy a pre-owned one. But a fake is a complete waste of money. You will never ever feel confident of stepping out with a fake strapped on your wrist.

Choose quality over looks or brands

Don’t forget the primary purpose of a watch is to tell you what time it is. Buying a watch simply because it looks good, or is of a particular brand does not serve the purpose if you cannot read the time on it correctly.

Start slow

No one’s watch collection was built in a day, yours should not too. Stepping into a luxury store does not mean you have to step out making a purchase. Do not hesitate to take your time and buy only something that you will be proud of.