Shopping for diet supplements on a tight budget

A majority of the population are on one or more diet supplements almost every day or taking them on a regular basis. Most of the plates in a meal today lack the essential vitamins, proteins, calcium, and fiber-rich food due to the ignorance of many, on how a meal should be balanced and consumed by a child and adult every day, most of the days one misses an essential vitamin intake, thus causing a deficiency resulting in host of diseases. Hence supplements have to be taken to fill the gap and make the body nourished and not be deficient of any nutrients.

What is a diet supplement?

To make up what we are missing in a diet, supplements are given either in capsule, powder or another form to give that extra boost of health. Popping a pill may sound easy but not all are necessarily giving the right kind of promise they claim to deliver and could be dangerous if taken beyond the suggested amounts. Doctors and medical experts recommend dietary supplements only after they examine the person carefully and prescribe doses to improve health condition. The most common deficiency is of vitamin D which is the possible defense against major illness including cancer, heart ailments. The combination of the right vitamins and nutrients in powder, syrup or capsule form are classified as dietary supplements.

How to shop for dietary supplements on a tight budget?

  • cut the processed foods and go for healthier options like oatmeal, and bulk amount of frozen chicken breast which can be consumed when slow cooked without all the butter in it
  • almonds, eggs, cottage cheese are all healthier options which can be bought and not be emptying your wallet
  • the omega3 rich food, including the one I got CLA safflower oil from here from the website which is in capsule form to burn all the extra calories and keep the body healthy and complete the intake of all the essential; nutrients.