Best for skin

After decades of running after artificial skin products people have come to realize that natural products are the best ingredients for the skin. I had read somewhere that we use artificial flavours in lime juice and fresh lime in a finger bowl. The irony is same with beauty treatments. We spend a bomb on beauty treatments whereas there are ingredients freely available around us that do a better job. Find below 5 best ingredients for skin treatments that will keep the skin supple and healthy.

  • Coconut oil: South Indians swear by this. This magical oil cleanses, moisturizes, and removes makeup. It has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties, removed wrinkles and prevents aging.
  • Honey: It gives the glow one is looking for because of its anti oxidants in raw honey. It keeps the skin hydrated and protects from UV rays. It is anti microbial and acts as a moisturizer and has anti aging quality.
  • Aloe Vera – It fights bacterial infections and reduce inflammation. It reduces stretch marks, prevents aging, lightens acne marks, and acts as a moisturizer.
  • Lemon – It is a very good skin lightener and brighter at the same time. The anti bacterial function removes acne and blackheads, also used as a bleaching agent for darkened elbow and knees.
  • Turmeric – It is a known truth that turmeric heals wounds, treats cancer, and chronic skin problems. It is an age old method to use turmeric for the skin to improve the elasticity of the skin keeping it fresh and young.

These natural ingredients will help to fight acne, dryness, sun damage, pigmentation and the list is endless. These ingredients are at hands reach. We just need to look around and take some time out to use them in our daily routine.